Here is a new smart phone tool for the 2013 Three Bridge Fiasco!

It gives you:


  • Countdown timer (select your PHRF)
  • Time and distance to the starting line.
    • The starting line is roughly placed using google earth so pay attention the last boatlength or so.
    • The starting line goes on forever roughly North-South, the time and distance are for when you will cross in the direction you are currently  going (according to the phone's GPS). 
  • GPS speed and heading for reference.
  • If you get errors, they will show up in the yellow box at the bottom of the screen-- please let me know and I will try to fix them!


 Click here for the page (open it on your phone!)


To make this work:

  • You need to browse the link below on a smart phone with a GPS. 
  • You must also turn on your phone's GPS (iphones call this "Location Services")
  • You must also give the route web page permission to access your location.
  • Still might not work!


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