WiFi Boat Monitor - GPS Logging

GPS Logging and Web Server

The GPS data is saved to the sd flash data card

Whenever GPS data comes into the machine, it gets saved to a log file in the gpx format.  After a few minutes of no data, the monitor assumes you've come home and shut down the chartplotter, so it tries to upload the track and create a web page to display it.  If it can't connect right away, it will try every day to clear out the log files.  Log files get archived on the sd card as well. 

Here's an example track from testing around my house.  I haven't decided whether the best display is by GPS Action Replay (which animates and can show things like speeds, but requires you upload maps), or by gpsvisualizer (which uses google earth maps but you can't control the way it looks at all).  In the example above, GPS AR is the default and there's a link to the gpsvisualizer version at the top of the page.

The track stuff requires a separate web server, and I wrote some server scripts to handle the data uploading in an easy-for-a-microcontroller fashion.  firebolt.holdentechnology.com is the boat's domain, separate from this one so it is hopefully less likely to get hacked.

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