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Navigation Routes for the Lazy 

Here is a navigation project I've been working on.  The scenario is this:  you're racing your sailboat on SF bay, and the fog rolls in so you cannot find the next mark of the course.  And you forgot to put the waypoints into your boat's GPS the night before, and the app on your phone takes a lot of time to set up too.  This project pre-configures a sailboat race course route so that you can do navigation without entering the waypoints yourself.  This is useful because normally you can navigate visually, but if the fog rolls in you might want to quickly know which way to the next mark of the course.  If you've bookmarked a route here, you can call it up and carry on in the fog or the dark.  I'll be entering the SSS race courses as the races come up.

Smart phone web browsers can access the phone's GPS data.  This leads to interesting possibilities for navigating without an ap to install.  Any good GPS will do this of course, and there are dozens of phone apps to do this too, what I've got here is yet another way that requires no effort on your part if you're racing the course I've set up.

To make this work:

  • You need to browse the link below (or scan the code) on a smart phone with a GPS. 
  • You must also turn on your phone's GPS (iphones call this "Location Services")
  • You must also give the route web page permission to access your location.


2013 Three bridge Fiasco! (starting line tool)

SSS Corinthian race 4/7/2012. 
No need to set up your GPS with a route, just bookmark this link (or scan the code):

Corinthian Navigation Helper
(Blackaller's location is approximate, I used published data and checked against my 3BF track since it was temporary; the finish line point is just somewhere in the cove;  the other marks are from the published locations)


  • Phone GPS units vary in quality, some are quite terrible.
  • Your phone battery will die very quickly too.
  • Mark locations can change.

Data Shown

  • Distance and bearing to the mark (13.76NM and 216° True)
  • Time to the mark (46 hours, 36 minutes, 46 seconds) using GPS speed and direction
  • Direction and amount to turn to go to the mark (Turn right 80°)
  • GPS speed and Heading (true).  The iphone sometimes calculates speed using the accelerometers, but android phones do not.
  • Back and Next take you to the previous and next marks on the racecourse.
  • There is a google ad at the bottom of the screen, I don't control the content there.

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