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This page showcases some of the research projects I have been involved in.  Autonomous vehicles, like any engineering project, need to be designed around the task they must perform, and we keep this in mind in all our projects.

What's an Autonomous Vehicle?

An autonomous vehicle is programmed to perform a task without any guidance from a human operator. The operator is often monitoring the vehicle's progress and can re-task it when necessary, but is not remotely controlling the vehicle directly. Autonomous vehicles are different than remotely piloted vehicles in that they carry computing and sensors on board to carry out their assigned task without further guidance. Autonomous vehicles accurately pilot themselves to assigned locations to perform tasks such as detection, delivery, or data gathering.


The tabs at the top of the page will take you to various cars, boats and aircraft, or you can click on a picture that interests you. I am always interested in creating new vehicles, as well as teaming with researchers from all disciplines who would like to use an autonomous vehicle to assist in their programs. See the vehicle pages for some examples of data that can be gathered.


Small Autonomous Boat  
GPS Guided Car  
Single Sensor Autonomous Aircraft  
Autonomous Car



Water Sampling Autonomous Boat  

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